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While we appreciate the professional affiliations and great companies we have opportunity to work with... 
our real satisfaction comes from the impact our work has on people's lives and families.  
Professional Fiduciary Inc. is proud to have served hundreds of individuals and families over our many years of service.  Here are just a few of the comments we've received.
QUALITY:  Countless unseen details are often the only difference between mediocre and magnificent!
“You must realize how much we appreciate your personal concern at a most difficult time.  Turning care over to another is really difficult, but you made it much more comfortable.”
Conservatee’s Children

"I so miss our phone calls and the good working relationship we had.  Thanks again for your help with my Aunt.  I will always remember you with fond memories."

Client’s Niece

“I have been dealing with PFI in their capacity as a Professional Conservator.  I find that my experience with PFI has revealed a very cooperative, competent and 
quality corporation willing and able to work with people.  During the past four years they have demonstrated their abilities numerous times in a professional and caring manner.  I have found dealing with PFI a delight.  Their indefatigable willingness to meet expectations and explore opportunities make them a vital asset to any Conservatorship.”

Nursing Home Administrator

"I want you to know how much I appreciate the things you did for my mother - the new bedspread, the flowers, and the kind treatment that she received from you.  All these things made her last couple of years better ones.  My mother was an exceedingly generous person and she enjoyed things like flowers and an attractive room.  I am glad she had people like you handle her money and you made a tremendous difference – she just would not have had these small things without you.  You came highly recommended to my mother – that is why she chose your group.  She made a good choice and I thank you.”

Trustee’s Daughter

“Thank you for providing a watchful eye on your Conservatee – It is always nice to see you here updating yourself on her condition.

Nursing Home Staff

“I feel so secure while you are taking care of me!  
Thanks again for all you have done for me.”  
Power of Attorney Client

“On behalf of the family we wish to express our gratitude for the care you provided.  It is not an easy task to find competent people to provide around the clock care in a home setting.  I know it meant a great deal for her to be able to stay in her own home for the remainder of her life.  Thank you again for providing such good care.”

Family Member (Dr.)

“… my office does a considerable amount of conservatorship and guardianship work.  We have worked with over 60 professional fiduciaries in our office, and we believe PFI is one of the highest qualified and most effective.  (PFI has) several files, with our office, which contain a considerable amount of assets.  They have been able to effectively deal with difficult family members and complicated financial and/or living situations.  In short, it is a pleasure to work with PFI.  I give them our highest recommendation.  


“You were a wonderful source of caring, support and assistance.”

Social Services

“Thank you for the kindness, energy and care you showed through her last years of life.  My family also appreciates your work.  However as the family liaison, and as one who worked closely with you, my appreciation is sincerely felt and expressed to them for you.”

Client’s Nephew

“Thank you for all your help during the past two years.  I always felt relieved to know you were there for my dad.  God Bless.”

Client’s Children
Insured & Bonded
... plus various Legal Firms & Professionals throughout the State.
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