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We know a way to help
Today's world is very complex,
with regulatory pressures increasing the difficulty of meeting some of the simplest needs.  Our role is to help sort through all of the paperwork, documentation requirements, legal filings and representation elements to ensure personal needs and wishes are met.   

A Trust is a written document that outlines the financial issues or wishes of the individual writing the Trust.  Each Trust needs a Trustee.  As Trustee you must follow the outline of the Trust and execute the wishes and guidelines provided within the Trust.  Professional Fiduciary, Inc. as Trustee executes these wishes.  Each Trust is handled as an individual document with its own identity needing its own personal attention.


A POA is a signed document outlining Powers an Individual would like to give to another individual or entity to carry out the financial responsibility of one’s self. Professional Fiduciary, Inc. will carry out the responsibility of acting as the Attorney-in-Fact.  We have acted as the Attorney-in-Fact for many individuals with excellent satisfaction. Our Corporation is bonded and insured.


As the court appointed representative for the person or estate we would act in the “best interest” of the individual. We have acted as Conservator or Guardian for over 400 individuals.


Professional Fiduciary, Inc. can be nominated to be the executor of your Will.  Upon execution of your Will we carry out your wishes, personally and financially.  Professional Fiduciary, Inc. will also settle contested estates as well as estates where there are no parties willing to serve or are unable to do so. 


Professional Fiduciary, Inc. will assist you with applying for Medical Assistance.  We will then follow up with all required reviews.


With a simple Service Agreement between you and PFI we can help you live independently while at the same time remain in control of your finance and decision making.  Perhaps you need someone to help you with your finances. You can trust us with your finances and we can help you with check writing, paying bills, filling tax returns, filing out medical forms, applying for Medical Assistance and/or managing your property. We can come to your home once or twice a month or as needed to help you with any of the above.  In this situation, you remain the only person who can sign your checks or withdraw money from you account.  In other words, you remain in charge of your own affairs...with PFI's help.

fi•du•ci•ar•y – Someone who holds something of value, either financial or personal (including themselves) in trust of another.

   1. Of or relating to a holding of something in trust for another.
 2. Of or being a trustee or trusteeship.
   3. Held in trust.

One, such as an agent of a principal or a company director, that stands in a special relation of trust, confidence, or responsibility in certain obligations to others.
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