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About Us
Professional Fiduciary, Inc. has been incorporated since 1998.  Prior to incorporation, Professional Fiduciary, Inc. operated as a sole proprietorship for 12 years under Pat Murphy, as the owner.  With bank consolidation and the growing need for Trustees, Attorneys-in-Fact, and Fiduciary Managers it was a clear decision to offer a diverse service.

Professional Fiduciary, Inc. has more than 24 years experience in the fiduciary field, including, but not limited to: real estate, social service, housing, medical billing, and
banking.  We also contract with many other 
organizations to accomplish the tasks needed
in our day to day operation.  Our staff is trained
to handle the daily activities as well as the often
unforeseen emergencies.  We are available 24 hours
a day 7 days a week.   With our staff we are able
to provide reliability, dignity, personal service and
experience.  We feel most important is our
professionalism, oriented to the fiduciary field that
is in need of a qualified, honest organization.  

No file is too big or too small!
ACCURACY:  The slightest edge over the competition can make the difference between Excellent and Extraordinary!
Our pledge to you!
Professional Fiduciary, Inc.
has had a long standing 
record of accuracy, timeliness and professionalism.  You 
have our guarantee that your Trust, Power of Attorney, or other Fiduciary or personal responsibility will be handled with the greatest respect 
and dignity.  
Insured & Bonded
P.O. Box 120389
St. Paul, MN  55112
(612) 781-8799
Toll Free: (866) 781-8799
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